Lose: spellcasting, existing wildshape class features


1 usage of wildshape/day every level

At level:

1 wildshape (large or tiny)
2 wildshape (griffon); detect evil
3 Talisid's speech; Talisid's claws
4 wildshape (chimera); lay on hands
5 supernatural wildshape
6 wildshape (lammasu); smite evil 3/day
7 swift wildshape
8 wildshape (androsphinx); divine grace
9 weapon merging
10 wildshape (leonal); celestialshape

detect evil / lay on hands / smite evil / divine grace: like the paladin abilities except that you may use wisdom instead of charisma if you wish and that you use your total hit dice as your paladin level.

Talisid's speech: You may converse freely with any living creature, regardless of common language, its intelligence, or your physical form.

Talisid's claws: All your attacks count as magical and good for overcoming DR.

supernatural wildshape: Gain su (but not spell-like or spellcasting) abilities of forms you wildshape into

weapon merging: If you wildshape while holding a magical weapon so that the weapon merges with your body, you may assign its enhancements to one of your natural weapons with a decrease of 1 to the total enhancement bonus. If you have multiple weapons, you may assign each to a different natural weapon. The enhancement must be appropriate to the natural weapon. For example, if you are holding a +2 seeking fiery bow and a +1 shocking sword and you turn into a griffon, you could gain a +1 fiery bite and a shocking left claw.

celestialshape: You may spend 1 wildshape usage to gain the half-celestial template for one hour. The template will be applied to whatever form you take. If you take a form to which half-celestial cannot be applied (such as a leonal), this effect is suppressed, but returns when you take one it can.