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I like the concept but it also hurts people on the other end of the skill point spectrum, namely the 2 skill point/level characters, as they are even more infantile at skills here than they are normally, since Int bonus is applied to Knowledges and not Skills. The easiest solution is something I advocate for classes normally anyways, boosting everybody to a minimum of 4 skill points per level.

My other thoughts is wondering whether class vs. cross-class will be preserved in any way and how bonus skill points from races and feats will come into the system. For the first, applying the PF concept of allowing anybody to take any skill but provide a bonus on class skills could work or, something that's more meaningful to this system, giving a bonus skill trick for class skills. For the second, Humans and Nymph's Kiss, that doesn't seem to adversely affect the progression for boosting Skill point boost. Open Minded I'm kinda on the fence about whether it's too much or not.

Them's my 2 coppers. Take as you will.
I edited the OP to include a limit in how many ranks you can put into a skill, and how having a class skill vs non-class skill effects you (class skills may have 2 more ranks invested).

As for skill points per level, I agree having only 2 is a pretty major drawback, but considering you have 2 per level out of half as many skills, and get some knowledge skills as well, someone with 2 isn't totally gimped. I do think Fighters, Paladins and other martial classes with only 2 skillpoints should have 4 instead, but it isn't something that necessarily needs to be addressed within this system, but instead with individual class fixes.