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    Number Seventeen

    Alias Prefered Name: Sevet

    Gender: Male

    Race: Skeleton

    Age: The consciousness, about 14. The bones, Heck if anyone knows or cares.

    Alignment: True Nuetral

    Class/Profession: Skeleton Minion

    Power Rating: D+

    Description: A 5'5 human skeleton wrapped in dirty, singed robes. The skeleton has yellowed with age. On the forehead of the skull is a Rune of Fire carved into it.

    Drawn by me:

    Personality: He was a minion in creation and is a minion in mindset. He is quick to act, a sucker for praise and approval, sycophantic, and loyal to a fault... when his current boss is around. In truth he is actually cowardly, deceitful, and quick to jump ship to protect his own non existent skin. He doesn't really care who he works for or what they do. He's mostly in for the security, which is weird considering he's never had a master that didn't run afoul of some ragtag group of wandering heroes that always break into his secret lair and slaughter everything.

    Whenever he isn't working for someone he has a tendency to seek out some new master, despite his general and open dislike of the position.

    Equipment: Nothing but his robes.

    Abilities: Beyond the benefits being a walking skeleton (not having to eat, breathe, or sleep) all of his powers come from the Rune of Fire carved into his forehead.
    -It grants him immunity and the ability to absorb and withstand massive amounts of heat and fire without harm. As a matter of fact, its quite pleasurable.
    -He can also expel the heat he absorbs through powerful fire blasts.
    -If he sustains any damage, he can actually heal by absorbing heat. It's always working on some very low level though, so the air around him is constantly cold.
    -By making physical contact he can also vampirically steal someone's body heat, working almost like a cold touch. But this requires physicality, something he sorely lacks, so that's normally a no-go without permission.

    Backstory: A mad wizard once wanted an army of zombie minions to protect his volcano fortress. The zombie warriors weren't very smart though, so it eventually lead to a lot of shambling about and falling into magma. Eventually the wizard wised up and took the literally smarter option. Sevet was one of several dozen (The seventeenth) intelligences created and bound to skeletons and corpses to create an army of more intelligent and autonomous minions. They were all also given a Rune of Fire to keep them from dieing when they fell into the magma.

    A party of adventurers eventually stopped the wizard from doing whatever it is he was doing. (Sevet never paid attention to that part) Thus began his long streak of serving various Overlords, evil wizards, and Mad Scientists. None of whom could be described as "Good Bosses" He is currently unemployed and is actually trying to kick his dependency for once, or at least work for someone who isn't an evil megalomaniac.

    Other: (To be opened in case of death or antimagic)
    Should Sevet's body ever be destroyed or placed in an antimagic field, two things will happen:

    1- The rune of fire will be destroyed, and Sevet's body will be consumed in the heat currently stored in the rune.

    2- The spell binding the inteligence to the bones will break. The mind will remain intact, intelligent, and invisible. With the remnants of the spell still attached to the intelligence will allow Sevet to possess objects at will.
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