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    Default Re: {Nexus} OoC XXV: Where all the Cool Cats are.

    Just making an index of my characters to help un-clutter my signature a bit.

    • Trix - Formerly a freelance half-demon thief, now the Nexus' Orange Lantern, fueled by greed. As of this post, no longer being influenced by the Orange Ring. Other Irumocuri Family members also pictured here. - Trix's Formspring
    • Kate - A refugee from a shattered dimension, and member of Watchtower.
    • Katya - A plane-hopping motorcyclist with a foreign accent and a penchant for wearing tight bodysuits.
    • CYBAN! - Alien invader and self-proclaimed conqueror of worlds! (worldcount currently 0) - Cyban also has an in-character Formspring.
    • Minny - Lovable willing minion with the power to duplicate herself! - Formspring
    • Sister Mariglyth - Member of a cult glorifying "The Father" and his attempts to use technology to transcend the human form.
    • Skaan - Currently lost and homeless crab-girl who is without the ability to speak.
    • Annabelle the Ghoul - A helpful ghoul who is, unlike many ghouls, of good alignment. Mostly silly character. Member of GLoG.
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