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You seem to do be doing fine from an RP perspective. Someone needs to speak up for not cooperating with all the dodgy people, irrespective of whether that's what you end up doing.
I mean in my lack of posting and weak posts when I do.

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I'm happy to summarise the plot. More than one person is a bit lost.
I would appreciate that. My work schedule should be relaxing (less internal company stresses on me, and more on stress from customers ... which is a lot easier to deal with), so maybe I'll be able to post more often.

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As for mechanics, it's possible I was too harsh when doing your build. Another hit dice or two might help? I suspect you're also underestimating yourself. Power attacking enemies can do huge amounts of damage, but the limit is AC. Your elephant got splatted because its AC was so low - the same attackers would struggle to do the same damage to you. Buff spells and effects would also make a big difference - you're playing one of the better platforms in the game for such.
I'm pretty sure we're using my savage progression, which is pretty accurate for power (if I do say so myself ), though he isn't min/max'ed very well. He's missing equipment that I hope to get within the next few in-game days.

For buffs, he most certainly is a good platform for it. Between his speed, strength, and carrying capacity he could even be a platform for the party ...

For AC, with a wand of armor and a wand of shield, he'd have AC 34. Add in party-generated natural armor enhancement bonuses, a deflection bonus ... we should be able to get his AC towards 40.