Biffoniacus_Furiou: That was quite informative.. And pretty well worded. But I believe that is the wrong link.. Unless you meant for him to have an animal companion which seems odd given the information listed after the link..

herrhauptmann: The ToDE was a fun time.. It proved to be entertaining almost every time I ran it. I'd say you have a good idea of what to drop on a weapon if that's the way you want to go.. The only thing I say that seems wonky is Cursespewing.. The DC is trivial at that level. The negative levels are handy although, I hope you kill whatever you hit. Well two other things actually. Roaring will likely be saved against majority of the time, just so you know.. And I myself love Wounding, it is fun, even more so with negative levels.. But even pre-epic, most things you fight have immunity to ability damage. So, Wounding will likely only work half the time..