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What would the deadline for the comic be? I'm going to register Wanderers of the Mushroom Kingdom for this. I'm not too good at character interpretation, but I'll try to not completely screw them up! :P
Welcome aboard. And the deadline would be 3 weeks later. Of course this is open to negotiation. You can PM me your completed comic at any time (except if you're doing my comic, then you post your/my comic when I post everyone else's.)

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EDIT: Something has me pondering... why would we need extra artists for this? Even if the number of comics is odd, we could go with a system akin to 1 makes for 2, 2 for 3, 3 for 4, 4 for 5, and so on until we get to x for 1, which means that the oddness of the number of strips isn't important. Or are we doing this on a 1 makes for 2 and 2 makes for 1 system?
You're probably right regarding the artist scrambling system. I just recall some disorganizational problems with older CSSes, and I got confused.
Though we'll still need the extra artists because there WILL be people that get lazy/forget/are uninspired/just plain don't do their guest comics. And that sucks. So they must recieve something.

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EDIT # 2: Are we going to have more events like this in the next months? Or will we go on a yearly basis?
I'll host 'em whenever I feel like it. Which could either be quarterly or annually. Although, nothing's preventing someone ELSE from hosting them!
Please though, for the love of The God Emperor of Mankind, try not to have 2 going on at the same time.