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Hmmm...ok...the only swift i was thinking of was that knights could use knights move, a spell on page...129 SC...allowing short range teleport...basically exactly the same as your suggested ability
Yeah, I had that spell in mind. However, by making it replace the knight's normal move rather than be in addition to a normal move, you reduce the number of actions the knight takes and the number of choices it forces the player to make. Even with 6 pieces and a PC to manage in combat, a turn can go by pretty quick if the typical turn for most pieces is"move once, attack once, resolve special ability".

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So...you seem to be against using actual classes for pieces? Also, is using warmage or healer OP? I don't know much about them except that they're tier 4.
I would recommend against using real classes. Real classes are very complicated, with many many options to consider. Managing all those character sheets is time-consuming at best and may be impossible for people who lack strong system mastery. Also, it's unfair to the other players if the grandmaster's PC gets a dozen full-fledged characters while they get only one.

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Hmm...I don't know much about those. Sounds good. What is the basic concept?
Psionic summoners summon astral constructs instead of outsiders. Astral constructs are highly standardized, but their summoner can customize the base construct by choosing from lists of options. They're powerful, but easy to learn and use.

If you choose to go with a spellcasting grandmaster, I'd actually recommend you cherry-pick the bard list, especially the spells in Spell Compendium. There are a lot of good team-support spells in there.