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    Default Re: Fan Comic Secret Santa: The Resurrectioning.

    Quote Originally Posted by Teutonic Knight View Post
    We have the right to put our guest comics anywhere we want in our threads right? They don't have to go with the standard set of comics, but can go in a separate spoiler somewhere else in the post right? Will anyone get offended if I do?
    As oppolo said, most comics have a bonus or extras section for guest or non-canon material. You can post the guest comics you've made and recieved in your own comic thread at your leisure, but PLEASE don't put the guest comic you've made in your thread before I post them.

    Quote Originally Posted by Akrim.elf View Post
    hm, i dont full understat... write or created guest comics?
    if only write, im give up, i dont god in english
    It's perfectly possible to draw comics without a bit of text. You just have to convey the humor/drama/action with imagery. You can even have dialog and replace the text with pictures. Huh, what is that called again? Whatever, I think you know what I mean.
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