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    Character List

    Main/Active Characters:
    • Asenath - An altered human with a mysterious past! Not quite as cliche as she sounds.
    • Genesis - Queen of Rings, and ruler of Wellspring Tower, Genesis is a powerful fey artisan with strange whims and moods.
    • Grace - A eudai in the employ of Celestial Dynamics, a Nexus Council Member, and owner of Mallside, Grace is a professional and energetic person with an altruistic bent.

    Support/Infrequent Characters:
    • Hansel - A giant, thick browed baker with a fearsome scowl and a tendency to intimidate people into eating his sandwiches. Fairly decent guy despite his demeanor.
    • Hobb - Long time dock worker in Nexus, this hobgoblin is a relatively fun guy, though he enjoys sarcasm and mockery a little too much. Close friend of Jarl's.
    • Jarl - Shipwright and frequent visitor of the Black Dragon's Den, Jarl is a cynical, somewhat surly dwarf who voices his bleak opinions loudly, but often in an entertaining way.
    • Ragna - Scribe of Wellspring Tower, Ragna is an intimidating figure who speaks with the authority of Genesis, and with her pen records all significant events.
    • Mysterious Serpent - Its origins are unknown, but the serpent is often found in the courtyard, questioning and taunting those who pass by it.
    • Hilda - Handler of Wellspring Tower, Hilda is a strong, straightforward human woman in charge of the armory.
    • Sigrun - Librarian of Wellspring Tower, Sigrun is a shy but well learned young lady with draconic features.

    Deadtimed/Inactive Characters:
    • Aleph - A young woman who recently escaped a troubled past and is seeking her place. She seems slightly disturbed, and there is something mysterious about her.
    • Ana aka Chimera - A villainess with a a strange shape shifting power and a very bright and cheery disposition.
    • Magister - Mercenary for hire. Magister gets the job done, one way or another. Talented but without any special powers, she is capable of extreme improvisation and clever tricks.
    • Nellens Latas - Remnant Soldier, a disciplined dragon-blooded with powers tied to the element of Wood.
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