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Thread: The Grandmaster 3.5 Base Class PEACH

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    Hmm. That spell list is a lot of buffs and the like. Some of it is good for both, but the individual White and Black lists should be more than one spell each. Also, things like Bull's Strength (+4 to one creature/character's Str) and Cat's Grace (+4 to one creature/character's Dex); there's one for each stat, and I recommend at least the two listed; they're both level 2 spells. Also, you currently have no blasting spells on the Black list; I recommend something like Fireball at least. For White, add some healing, and possibly an ability that lets him use healing spells normally on his pieces.

    I've only found one class that looks defensive, and it's kind of meh: Knight, PHB2. Gets lots of bonuses for defending others, but can't flank or attack an opponent who isn't ready for his attack or he loses class abilities/takes stat penalties. It's like a Paladin/Blackguard with no supernatural or magical abilities, pretty poor overall, about on par with a Fighter IMHO. I still think Monk/Barbarian is a good idea, personally; the bonus to AC and the SR that a Monk gets and the DR that a Barbarian gets are the best innate defenses I could find, and the movement speed boosts are there too (Scout gets movement boosts too, but his defensive abilities only work if he moved in a round, whereas Monk and Barbarian are always active).

    As for the Pawns, I actually suggest dropping the Fighter/Rogue idea and just using the Scout class (Complete Adventurer). I think it more embodies the idea of the Pawn (the guy out in front of the rest of the army), personally, and it feels like a Fighter/Rogue crossover a little already with no tweaking. Still give some sort of sneak attack to the Grandmaster (possibly the Skirmish ability listen under Scout; less raw damage, but some boost to AC), and possibly bonus feats, but use the Scout bonus feat list shown with the class instead of fighter bonus feats. The Scout is slightly weaker than the Rogue, and slightly more powerful than the Fighter, so his power level is about the same.

    EDIT: just noticed, you list Decipher Script twice under Skills.
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