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    Default Re: Soft Serve's Syllabus of Monster Classes. (3.5) taking requests!

    Were-Tiger (SRD)

    Description and details: Were-Tigers come from all over. In their human forms, they can be just about anything from little kids to wizened Elders.

    In their Hybrid and Tiger forms, Were-tigers tend to have little variation, at least to the common eye. Were-Tigers can be any variety, including Albino or even black.

    Lycanthropes are just as varied as humans and giants when it comes to adventure. They'll search for anything that appeals to them, kill anything that threatens them, or walk in the service of a greater Good, or evil as the case my be.

    Lycanthropes have no natural alignements. You are as likely to meet a Lawful Good Were-Tiger as you are a chaotic Evil Were-Tiger.

    Lycanthropes tend to worship whatever deities they worshipped before being transformed, or worship deities of the night if they give in to the beast, or revel in their new forms.

    Other Classes:
    Lycanthropes get along well with most classes. The only exceptions are excessively zealous Paladins or clerics.

    Favored Class:
    Rogue or Barbarian.


    Were-Tiger Prerequisites
    To become a Were-Tiger, the character must meet the following requirements

    Race: Any Medium or Large humanoid, goblinoid, Monstrous humanoid, or giant.
    Special: Must have been injured by the natural attack of another Were-Tiger.

    HD: d8
    {TABLE]Level | BAB | Fort | Ref | Will | Feature
    1| +1| +2| +2 |+0| Were-Tiger Body, Form of the Beast, Curse of Lycanthropy
    2| +1| +3| +3| +1| Weapons of the Beast, Serrated claws and Teeth, Skill Bonus
    3| +2| +3| +3| +1| Tiger Form, Skin of the Lycanthrope, Pounce
    4 Skill points+int per level, quadruple at 1st level. Class skills:
    Balance, Swim, Climb, Hide, move Silently, Handle animal, intimidate, Jump

    Proficiencies: A Were-Tiger gains No proficiencies in any weapons or armor.

    Were-Tiger body (Ex): The Were-Tiger retains any previous racial bonuses it had, and gains the magical beast type, granting it Darkvision 60 and low light vision. Additionally, it gains the shapechanger subtype, and the ability to communicate with tigers regardless of form.

    Form of the Beast (Su): At 1st Level, the Were-Tiger can change into a Hybrid form. This grants him the following Benefits.
    • A Bonus to his strength and Dexterity Scores Equal to half his Hit Dice.
    • Two Claw attacks for 1d4+Strength modifier damage (1d6 if large)
    • A Bite attack for 1d4+1/2 strength modifier damage (1d6 if large)
    • ]A Natural Armor bonus equal to his Constitution modifier.

    The Were-Tiger has the ability to assume one or more specific alternate forms. A true seeing spell or ability reveals the Were-Tigerís Humanoid or Giant form, as well as its Hybrid or Animal Forms. While using alternate form the Were-Tiger reverts to its Humanoid or Giant form when killed, but separated body parts retain their shape. Assuming an alternate form results in the following changes to the Were-Tiger:
    • The Were-Tiger retains the type and subtype of its Humanoid or Giant form. It gains the size of its Tiger or Hybrid Form. (As Specified). If the new form has the aquatic subtype, the Were-Tiger gains that subtype as well.
    • The Were-Tiger loses the natural weapons, natural armor, and movement modes of its Humanoid or Giant form, as well as any extraordinary special attacks of its Humanoid or Giant form not derived from non-monster class levels (such as the barbarianís rage class feature).
    • The Were-Tiger gains the natural weapons, natural armor, movement modes, and extraordinary special attacks of Tiger or Hybrid Form. (As Specified).
    • The Were-Tiger retains the special qualities of its Humanoid or Giant form. It does not gain any special qualities of its Tiger or Hybrid Form. (Unless Specified Otherwise.)
    • The Were-Tiger retains the spell-like abilities and supernatural attacks of its old form (except for breath weapons and gaze attacks). It does not gain the spell-like abilities or attacks of its Tiger or Hybrid Form.
    • The Were-Tiger retains its hit points and save bonuses, although its save modifiers may change due to a change in ability scores.
    • Except as described elsewhere, the Were-Tiger retains all other game statistics of its Humanoid or Giant form, including (but not necessarily limited to) HD, hit points, skill ranks, feats, base attack bonus, and base save bonuses.
    • The Were-Tiger retains any spellcasting ability it had in its Humanoid or Giant form, although it must be able to speak intelligibly to cast spells with verbal components and it must have humanlike hands to cast spells with somatic components. Hybrids may speak and have humanoid enough hands if the Were-Tiger's Humanoid or Giant form has hands.
    • The Were-Tiger is effectively camouflaged as a creature of its Tiger or Hybrid Form, and it gains a +10 bonus on Disguise checks if it uses this ability to create a disguise.
    • Any gear worn or carried by the Were-Tiger that canít be worn or carried in its Tiger or Hybrid Form instead falls to the ground in its space. If the Were-Tiger changes size, any gear it wears or carries that can be worn or carried in its Tiger or Hybrid Form changes size to match the new size. (Nonhumanoid-shaped creatures canít wear armor designed for humanoid-shaped creatures, and vice versa.) Gear returns to normal size if dropped.

    Assuming an Alternate form, or dismissing it, is a Full-Round Action that provokes an attack of opportunity. At 7 HD this changes to a Standard Action and at 14 HD this changes to a Move Action, at 20 HD this changes to a Swift Action.

    A Were-Tiger can assume its Alternate Form 1/day/HD, and can remain transformed indefinitely.

    Curse of Lycanthrophy (Su): Any humanoid or giant hit by a Were-Tigerís bite attack in animal or hybrid form must succeed on a Fortitude save (DC equals 10+1/2 HD+Charisma modifier) or contract Lycanthropy.

    Weapons of the Beast (Ex): At Second Level, the Lycanthrope becomes capable of Raking with his claws in Hybrid Form, dealing additional claw damage if it succeeds on a grapple check. Additionally, his natural weapons are treated as magic weapons for the purpose of overcoming Damage reduction.

    Serrated Claws and Teeth (Ex): The Were-tiger's natural weapons start digging into cloth and flesh, becoming far harder to tear out. To use this ability, a Were-Tiger must hit with a claw or bite attack. He can then attempt to start a grapple as a free action without provoking an attack of opportunity. If he wins the grapple check, he establishes a hold and can rake.

    Skill Bonus (Ex):
    At second level, the Were-Tiger possesses skill bonuses related to his parent animal's form. Regardless of form, the Were-Tiger has a racial bonus to Hide, Move Silently and Balance equal to Half his Hit dice.

    Lycanthrope skin (Su): The Were-Tiger's skin starts becoming Supernaturally tough. At third level, the Were-Tiger gains Damage reduction Silver equal to half his Hit dice regardless form.

    At 12 HD this becomes equal to his Hit Dice

    Eventually, the skin even starts repairing injuries in front of its opponent's very eyes. At 12 HD the Were-Tiger gains Fast healing equal to ľ his HD rounded down.

    Pounce (Ex):
    In any form, the Were-Tiger can pounce, full attacking at the end of any charge he makes. The Were-Tiger is incapable of raking an opponent if his hands are currently holding something (Such as weapons) or occupied in a similar manner.

    Tiger Form (Su):
    At third level, the Were-Tiger becomes capable of turning into its patron form, granting him the benefits of being a natural Tiger. In addition, the physical ability scores of a tiger are instead ability boosts, granting him a +12 Strength, +4 Dexterity, and +6 Constitution boost while in Tiger form. This acts in all other ways as per the alternate form ability.

    At 12 HD, this changes to a Dire tiger and changes the Strength boost to +16

    The Were-Tiger may do this 1/day per HD. A use of this ability counts as a use of your hybrid form, and vice versa.


    Well, here's one of Metahuman's request. I hope it's to their liking.

    This is the first time I've ever done a Lycanthrope, and I don't plan on doing it often. These things are pretty difficult.


    Nothing so far

    I'll be working on a few other things while I'm waiting for more requests. I'll give priority to my Girlfriend's and Metahuman's requests (except the really high level one you requested Metahuaman) if I don't receive any further requests, but I'll also be working on other stuff at the same time.

    For now, sleeptime.
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