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    Default Re: Togo's Planar Adventure set partly in Sigil (OOC)

    Quote Originally Posted by Obrysii View Post
    Aw, okay on the tail. I'm a bit confused on the rest of what you said - natural weapons don't provoke, but you're willing to make a tail one of the weapons that don't provoke?
    Tripping with weapons (including natural weapons) doesn't provoke AoOs, but not all weapons can be used to make trip attempts. For example, you can trip with a guisarme, but not a greatsword. Togo's letting you treat your tail as a tripping weapon.

    While RAW, how do you trip a dragon with his own tail?
    Same way you can trap a person's foot and yank them off balance if they try to trip you. Of course, dragons are more stable than bipeds, but that's why they get the quadruped bonus (EDIT: Heh, Togo had a better answer here And Togo, sorry if this was stepping on your toes, I wasn't sure when you'd have a chance to reply and all the rules involved seemed pretty unambiguous, so I thought I'd try to clarify.)

    No, but it'd do tail slap damage.
    When making a trip attempt, you give up your standard damage (unless you have something like the wolf's special Trip ability); you're trying to unbalance them, not hit them at full force. On the upside, you get to make a touch attack rather than a regular melee attack. If you have the Improved Trip feat, you get a free normal attack if you successfully trip them.

    Honestly, I suspect Xiuhcoatl will be most effective in melee combat just unleashing horrible Godot-buffed full attacks on things

    If anyone has buffing requests, please let me know, I'll be adjusting my spell list for the day in the next few hours.
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