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Tripping with weapons (including natural weapons) doesn't provoke AoOs, but not all weapons can be used to make trip attempts. For example, you can trip with a guisarme, but not a greatsword. Togo's letting you treat your tail as a tripping weapon.
I was under the impression that any natural weapon could be used, just as any form of Unarmed Strike can be used.

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Honestly, I suspect Xiuhcoatl will be most effective in melee combat just unleashing horrible Godot-buffed full attacks on things

If anyone has buffing requests, please let me know, I'll be adjusting my spell list for the day in the next few hours.
Very possibly.

Also, I'd like any kind of AC booster and attack booster you have available.

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According to cartoons, you grab the tail, heave it over one shoulder, and start spining the dragon around in a circle. This is something that's only going to be possible for those with enormous strength, size, or both, since they're the only people likely to beat you in a straight str+size check anyway.
So long as the enemy yells "BAM! BAM!" I think we'll be okay.

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Are you looking for size increase 1/day, 3/day, or what?
Any or all. Whatever is available. Beggars can't be choosers, and I'm definitely begging.