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    Default Re: Togo's Planar Adventure set partly in Sigil (OOC)

    Okay, I am definitely planning to provide:

    -Chained Greater Magic Weapon, CL 20 (makes weapons +5, can't remember if I get 20 or 21 targets, if it matters I'll check). This won't work on natural weapons, unfortunately; sorry Xiuhcoatl. It will work on monk unarmed strike.
    -Extended Spiderskin for Derk, Rhion, Xiuhcoatl and Simon. Please let me know if you are on this list and will NOT benefit from a +5 enhancement bonus to natural armor.
    -Greater Mage Armor for Xiuhcoatl, I think everyone else has armor.

    As far as long-lasting attack buffs go, I think the best I can do is Heroics, unless you want to spend 100gp on Create Magic Tattoo from the Spell Compendium (let me know if you do, it'll last two days when extended). The spell confers a fighter bonus feat the target qualifies for. In my current tentative spell selection I have three slots assigned to Heroics: please feel free to tell me your character's favorite fighter bonus feat

    I guess we may also want to sell loot at some point. For reference, here's my list from the first combat - Togo, do the bracers of ogre power count as a conventional or unconventional slot, for price? I've priced them as gauntlets of ogre power here, i.e. 4000gp each.

    4 sets each of:

    Item / Market Price
    Reins of Ascension / 3300gp
    Gloves of Dexterity +2 / 4000gp
    Bracers of Ogre Power +2 Str / 4000gp
    Ring of Protection +1 AC / 2000gp
    Piercer Cloak of Resistance +2 / 4900gp
    Lesser Crystal of Fire Assault / 3000gp
    +1 Breastplate / 1350gp
    Javelin of lightning / 1500gp
    Masterwork double sword with Iron Tower sigil / 700gp

    Also 1-2 chaotic evil undead spiders, worth ~10k each to the right buyer - I can't remember how many of them actually made it through the fight.

    The following PCs expressed interest in items:
    -Sthrer: Piercer Cloak, Bracers, Gloves, Crystal.
    -Umbriel: Bracers.
    -Derk: Gloves.

    By my count we have nearly 100k worth of gear there, although of course it'd only be 50k if we sold everything.
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