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If you're willing to do the Create Magic Tattoo thing, Godot would be willing to spring for 100gp/day to get the +1 Caster Level option.
Most certainly! Umbriel would be pleased to have an opportunity to practice her calligraphy skills (Warning: tattoos drawn by an Int-29 Illumian wizard may lead to unexpected vocabulary expansion.) And it'd be 50 gp/day, spells that cost money get priority for Extend rod charges.

Okay, I will note Heroics: Power Attack for Xiuhcoatl. I know Derk turned it down... are there any fighter bonus feats Simon and Rhion find particularly attractive? (or Godot or Sthrer, but I'm figuring fighter feats will be less useful for them)

I realize my last post was potentially unclear: Heroics is free and grants a fighter bonus feat. Create Magic Tattoo costs 100gp and lasts a day (2 days if extended); it can confer a range of benefits. The best benefits are generally +1 CL (as Godot has requested), +2 competence bonus on attack rolls, or +1 luck bonus on attack rolls; the others tend to be superseded by magic items.