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Ok, how about base 14, and requires four ranks in Bluff and Diplomacy, and two ranks in Preform? Keeps it reasonably accessible but will make it a bit harder for Cha heavy Tier 2 and higher classes like Sorcerer and Favored soul to tack on in order to load up on extra castings a day/Higher DC's/Other goodness form a Jacked up Cha?

Seem reasonable?
I don't really see any reason to try and prevent sorcerer or favored soul from it. In order to even get an extra +1 modifier, the sorcerer has to take enough levels such that they will never get 9th level spells short of epic level games or gestalt.

Not sure about the Favored Soul bit. I don't have Complete Divine.

I'd like for it to be slightly better for a Bard to take. Any possible way for me to do that? Or is it pretty good as is?