Miris D'Moonmere

Alias: Null.
Gender: Male.
Race/Species: Human in all evident respects.
Age: 32.
Alignment: Complicated.
Class/Profession: Wanderer.
Power Rating: Combatwise, minimal - but he does have limited mesmeric powers, so...
Description: Miris stands roughly six feet tall, and has strange, purely white eyes. They don't have pupils or irises, but are simply a pool of white. It's very creepy. When he looks at something, he simply stares at it, never, ever blinking. It combines to make a very unsettling effect, that, when combined with the strange hypnotic effect his voice seems to have, is enough that he will be remembered in most places if someone makes eye contact with him. In fact, since his arrival in Nexus, Miris has been deeply unnerved by the existence of people massively more weird than he is.
Personality: Miris is, at all times, an enthusiastic man. He moves quickly, and happily engages in conversation with anyone and everyone. He does his best to project an aura of "niceness" and generally succeeds, although those who know him for too long often get the feeling that there's something very worrying hiding beneath his facade.
Equipment: Minimal. The sole important item that he carries is a small, extremely finely made short-sword, heavily engraved and primarily cerimonial.
Abilities: Miris has inherited the abilties of his family line to hypnotise people with his relentless gaze, and their ability to give instructions that people find it difficult to disobey - while anyone (with the possible exception of small children) could shake it off and act freely with a small effort of will, this almost subconscous effect makes convering with people a strange affair. This ability is combined with Miris' own talent at learning things, which is almost unmatched - while his native abilties are fairly minor, he is gifted at learning everything from mathematics to languages.
Backstory: To come when I clarify it in my mind.