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    confused HT's plots

    On rare occasions when I GM my own plots, I want to look in just one place for them and not dodge around other people's plots. So I made a thread.

    1. Dun post here unless you're in the plot.
    2. If I'm not GMing for a while, I might make it available for other GMs to use. (Or you could use Random or Srs or start your own plawt thread.)
    3. Do your roleplay as well as you can while being kind to other players.

    Plots so far:

    Charlie's Plot|Vael, Morty, HT*|The Hunters investigate a murderous cult|on hiatus
    Whisper's Plot|Wolfy, HT*|Waterstrider and Whisper try to rescue the last slave from their caravan|on hiatus
    Coffin Hunting|SC, Ghar, Vampire Rot*, HT|A party from Tenebras tries to destroy Rot's coffin|completed
    Yellow Road[div]Operation Hypnohottie[/div]|HT, Ghar, Slii, Lost, BR|AMEN tries to hypnotise Vas' boyfriend|completed
    Mother-Soon's Journey|Wolfy, Ghar*, HT|Waterstrider takes Renetta to her homeland, and then his|completed
    Moff's Beach Party|HT*, Rein, Haruki, Bill, anyone|in progress
    Not the Black Dragon Den|singingnoodle*, Rebo, HT, Wolfy|A group of cultists try to kill everyone in the bar|in progress

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