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    Alias: Alex Klin (Name used while in human form.)
    Gender: Male.
    Race: Electricity Elemental, can appear human.
    Age: Appears to be 18 while appearing as human.
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Profession: Computer hacker.
    Power rating: C when out of electronic devices, otherwise depends on the device.
    Description: In elemental form, Override is roughly 5 1/2 feet tall. He is a roughly humanoid collection of energy that can change color depending on his mood or if he chooses to change it. When appearing as a human, he wears a black jacket, blue jeans, and a gray shirt.
    Personality: Override is curious, especially about new kinds of technology. He also likes making complex plans.
    Equipment: Carries a pistol, a combat knife, and a small drawstring bag full of bits of machinery, all of which dissapear when he changes to elemental form, and reappear with him if he loses them. Other items are kept in an underground storage hidden far from anywhere someone may stumble upon them.
    Abilities: Override can throw static bolts, but his main ability is being able to enter any electronic device and take control of it, from having turrets fire on his enemies to extracting data from computers. He is also very difficult to harm while possessing electronics.
    Backstory: I'm still working on it.

    EDIT: Perma-deadtimed due to me never actually playing him.
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