Custodian of Screaming Flames

Alias: Cumin Flames. Or Connie.
Gender: Female
Race/Species: Driver, a kind of Demon
Age: Who knows?
Alignment: Evilů it seems.
Class/Profession: Hellcannon driver.
Power Rating: B ish
Description: Often varies, due to shape shifting abilities. In her fiendish form, she appears to be an attractive woman with the fiendish, reversed legs. Her feet end in claws, as oppose to the more common cloved hooves. She wears a backless top, but she does not usually show cleavage. Her bat wings are often kept smaller than normal, but are full sized in flight. Her tail is a bit shorter than what is common. She seems to prefer to either stand two feet or six feet tall. If in disguise, however, most or all of this will change.
Personality: Condescending, manipulative, evil, and intelligent, she is rather an outcast from other fiends. Not that she is all that different; she just does not get along well with others.
Equipment: None to speak of.
Abilities: Can use some infernal powers, like her hellfire whip. Can control dumb monsters, and is especially good with fiendish or bloodthirsty ones. Not as durable as some fiends, but clever and fights dirty.
Backstory: A hellcannon driver in over her head, she was thrown into the Nexus when a banishing went wrong. She has spent most of her existence working with dangerous, bloodthirsty, unstable hellcannons. Not fond of other fiends.