Alias: Song
Age: 20(just became an adult in his world)
Race: Unicorn MLP:FIM Pony
Alignment: Good
Profession: Singer
Power Rating: E
Description: A Unicorn with a pure black coat and a purple mane and tail. He has a song note for a cutie mark.
Personality: To be developed IC.
Equipment: Has none.
Ablities: This pony cannot be harmed by people with bad intentions. By cannot be harmed I mean that any attack used on him just bounces off with no ill effects to either party.
Unicorn Spells that he Knows:
Grow Mustache
Make Mirror
Mold Clay
Rocks into Cupcakes
Cupcakes into Cookies
Back Story:
Songdancer was the best singer in Ponyville ever since he was young. He got his cutie mark at the age of 2 because he realized that it was his special talent. One day in Everfree Forest, he tripped over a rock and his horn shot a brilliant beam of light at the ground. A portal opened up and he was transported to the Nexus!