Jean Galbrayeth

Alias: None

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Age: 46

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Profession: Psychiatrist/Hostage Negotiator

Power rating: D+

Description: Jean is a worn looking man, always dressed smartly in a tweed suitjacket over slacks and a dress shirt. He has a pronounced baldness that's getting worse all the time, and constant bags under his eyes.

Personality: To put it lightly, Jean is a functioning alcoholic. When he's sober he's a nervous wreck, so he began self medicating often to keep himself sane. Among the many problems this causes is a tendency to have flashbacks and blackouts when he's drunk, which can disrupt his ability to work and coexist with others.

Equipment: Various odds and ends in his pockets, a bottle of brandy, a crossbow and bayonet he got for joining the Inside Millitia, a bit of money left over from his last job as a therapist and a jacket he takes everywhere.

Abilities: Jean posesses a small amount of skill with bardic magic that he picked up when he got to the Nexus, but he isn't able to do much offensively. Often he merely uses it to convince people that doing the right thing is what's best for them, a very useful skill in his current line of work. He's also a sure shot with a rifle, but prefers older model weapons, including a snaphance gun that he keeps in working order at his home.

Backstory: During the last war to grace his homeworld, Jean was drafted as a field psychiatrist and sent to the front. After years of being rotated through units, dealing with hysterical paralysis and phantom limbs, a shell hit too close while he was driving to his next assignment and he was sent arse over teakettle into a ditch. By the time he was taken to the nearest army hospital he'd developed battle fatigue. He was going through the motions of life like a brain dead mannequin while army brass waited for a gap in the schedule of one of the other now overworked field psychs to get him fixed up and back into rotation. This continued for a few weeks when, in an interesting case of "Doctor, heal thyself," one of his minders came in to find him apparently cured. He managed to finish his tour a year later, and now brief glimpses of the man he used to be shine through when he's on the sauce.

Affiliates: He is one of those the Fiskes watch over, and he used to be the one who would send them interesting patients to see if they wanted to join the family. Now he's joined the Inside City Millitia, and is struggling to find a place there.