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    Default Re: Work Week: It's All Rawhide's Fault 21-27/11/11

    Quote Originally Posted by LaZodiac View Post
    First of all, I am a stupid can you tell me what those dates actually are?
    According to the thread name, November 21st to November 27th.

    Assuming your question means, "what dates will this be?" If your question is something more philosophical, I can't help you there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BladeofOblivion View Post
    A NE Character with Perform (Sing and Dance).

    That alone pretty much narrows it down to an Evil Bard or a Disney Character.
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    Clearly the solution to everything is to binge on Girlscout cookies.
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    The Snarl could be a hacker code that became self-conscious, and would start posting gibberish and chaotic lines. But if you click its spoiler tags enough times, it would reveal a meta-fanfiction.