Nathan Disharn

Alias: Subject 318
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Shade
Age: Approximately 1300 years, though mentally about 20.
Alignment: Neutral
Class/Profession: None
Power Rating: B-

Description: A humanoid being of pure darkness, Nathan is a little taller than the average human. His form is a black and yellow semi-ethereal mass, but he is still very corporeal.

Personality: Not very discernible, mostly because the Shade canít speak legibly anymore. His appearance causes some to view him as immediately hostile, but he is actually very timid, mostly because of this assumption. Though he will defend himself if he has to, he is mostly afraid of people, not wanting to be attacked.

He is friendly to those who do not attack him, though, and can be a friend, if people manage to understand him.

Equipment: None.

Abilities: Heís a shape shifter of sorts, and able to form weapons out of the darkness of his form. Additionally, he has some very minor magical abilities, and is a competent fighter in general.

Backstory: Shades are actually the souls of humans, and Nathan is no exception. He is constantly seeking his body (which was cloned before he died as part of an effort to cure an awful disease,) but has come to the realization that he probably wonít succeed. He has appeared in the Nexus as a desperate attempt at refuge from the humans of his world, who attack Shades without hesitance, despite being intended as mere shells for the Shades to inhabit, as a resurrection of humanity.