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Thread: [3.5] Ryclend Deephold OOC

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    Who's up for a down home old fashion dungeon crawl?

    4d6 drop lowest rerollones, roll 2 sets abd take your choice.

    Starting level 6 (but so close to 7th you can smell it, and anticipate relatively fast level gain in the game)

    max HP

    Starting GP 18,000

    Sources: core & complete series, MIC, lets try to keep it relatively simple. Variants (Unearthed Arcana, etc) are possible, ask me.

    *the sources cited so far are fine for purposes stated.

    Special Note (added to first post too):
    All characters in this game get their racial favored class as a bonus level!

    For those with 'Any', well, make it a good one!

    MDM Decision: Wood Elf may alter wizard to sorcerer
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