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    Lob the orc hadn't known what was going on until the beating started. He had just been debating whether to call a guard when they burst in and broke it up. He'd gotten so accustomed to following orders, that he'd dropped to his knees as well, even though he was on the far side of the room from the altercation. Nor did he see any reason to get back up again and risk drawing attention.

    Then he heard the punishment. One member of the mob only, sentenced to death? By torture?

    He remembered when he was arrested. They'd found his cold room, where the carcasses hung. He'd tried to tell them the meat was going to spoil, but no. They insisted on removing all the cuts, trying to reassemble bodies like jigsaw puzzles, trying to identify each one, notify next of kin. So much good food gone to waste.

    And none of his meals had suffered. He was always careful of that. It was important to him that they were butchered humanely. What a word - "humane". He looked at Jyarl, supposedly human. And they'd called Lob a monster.

    He didn't realize he was going to protest until he was on his feet. "This is an outrage! How dare you call us criminals? How dare you judge our crimes?"

    ((And damn him for trying to become a PC. *shakes fist at*))
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