Alias: Mindy
Age: 24
Race: ?
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral*
Profession: Magician
Power Rating: E+(with fighting but a B+ in magicianness and this isn't even counting his notebook).
Description: He wears a leather bomber jacket and a pair of dark sunglasses so you can't see his eyes. His eyes themselves are a bright red, with pupils like a cat's. His skin is nicely tan and he has a blonde goatee and short, scraggy blonde hair. He's of average build, with his body being in relatively good shape. He always wears a pair of leather boots no matter the heat or how appropriate they are.
Personality: To be developed IC
Equipment: Leather Bomber Jacket, a Pencil, a Pen, a Scribblenauts Notebook, a Deck of Cards, Pack of Endless Cigarettes, Zippo Lighter of Infinite Flames.
Ablities: He can do many different types of magic tricks, not arcane ones but just ones a magician does. He also can write a Noun in his Scribblenauts book and it poofs right in front of him. He can use Adjectives to change the noun too. Like he could make a whale, or he could make a Sad Whale. He can use some Verbs too, so he could make it into a Jumping Sad Whale, for example.
Back Story:
One day...a few children were messing around with an old spellbook that they found. They found a spell called: 'Summon Nice Guy who looks out for himself but also tries his best not to harm others'. They cast it and Mindfreak was pulled from his universe into the Nexus.