Gender: Male.
Race/Species: Human.
Age: 4,792, but sure doesn't act like it. Cannot die of natural causes.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class/Profession: Ninja/Pirate.
Power Rating: C
Description: He wears a black ninja suit, with a pirate hat. Has a Katana strapped across his back, and a cutlass at his side. On his other side is a telescope, which he never looks through. Wears an eyepatch, but the covered eye changes.
Personality: Sometimes quiet and stealthy like a ninja, other times loud and obnoxious. Does not have multiple personalities, somehow.
Equipment: Katana with sheath, and a cutlass which hangs at his side, a few smoke pellets, and a telescope, which shoots the smoke pellets, and a few poisoned darts. It also works as a regular telescope. Wears a ninja suit, with a pirate hat and eyepatch.
Abilities: Ninja reflexes and fighting skills, along with pirate knowledge of the sea. Fights with a Katana and a cutlass.
Backstory: Coming later.