If ye want.


's gettin' crowded in here, eh?


I shall be Archon Arlseares, raiding master of Arlseares Flayskins.
He was heading for a major shipping fleet, but belived this would be a nice warm-up. However, he is now focused on getting as much as he can out of this planet before all goes to the warp, due to there being so many factions here at one time.

As for his army, besides the normal solders, he prides himself on his trio of Haemonculi he controls. Along with those maniacs, there creations range from hollow boned perytons (Scourges), terrible and evil wracks, and the horrific mechine called fondly by the troops a "Gorgan." A body like a bull plated with thick sheets of metal, its gaze has been inhanced to produce effects much like Basilisk, turning all it sees into stone. Along with this group of horrors straight from the minds of the Dark Eldeers best, Arlseares has a group of Xenos for protection. Called Rock Wolves, these blind beasts have long, sharp claws that go through flesh and stone easily.

As a whole, it is a very small but elite army, with a abnormal staying power due to the varying beasties under the Archons command. Also, they dont have a base on the ground yet, and have no true ground transport. Its a raiding fleet, not a army.