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Seconding Paranids. Ponynids just sounds weird no matter how you slice it.

(Though are they still xenomorphs? Though impossibly cute? Don't think we got a picture of them. Though if they're xenomorphs AND cute, I'm totally abusing Pokemon for reference.)
Rippers: Parasprites.
Hive Tyrants: Vessel of the Hive. Appears as a normal pony, but can mutate pretty much on whim. Has parts of their original personality, but, as their name suggests, are mostly just The Hive-which is made of EVERY personality.
Carnifexes, Trygons and Other Big Things: Pretty much the same as warhammer canon, or some other large scary monsters.
Everything in between: Ponies, but often with added spikes.

I'm drawing on tyranids with a little bit of Borg here, and adding some random other bits cause I feel like it.