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    Kuko De Minish

    Race: Minish
    Alignment: Good
    Age: Adult, for a minish anyway.
    Class: Magician
    Power Rating: E in combat. D (maybe C) for other stuff.
    Description: Roughly the size of a small mouse, he has pointy elflike ears, long skinny arms, and monkey like feet, and a feather like tail. He's never seen without his Blue-Green toboggan hat (complete with a little white puffball) and matching scarf and cloak, regardless of the weather. He can only speak the word Pikori, like a pokemon. Using magic however he can grow to the size of a halfling and speak almost any language he pleases.

    Drawn by me:

    Personality: Friendly, excitable, and a bit manic if we can be honest. He absolutely adores taller races, Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, even Halflings. He loves to bring them joy through his Kinstones and Good Luck magic. He' also a staunch pacifist and vegetarian, he can't bring himself to harm a fly.
    Equipment: He he possesses a pan-flute that when specific melodies are blown into it can cast magic spells. When played the notes can be seen floating about his head in shining silver light. He can play a melody that allows him to
    -Grow to the size of a halfling and back
    -Speak and understand any language. (Provided he understands the meaning of the word in his own language. His own words working as an "Everyspeak" that anyone around can understand.)
    -See through the eyes of a willing participant and communicate with them telepathically. (He continuously plays the song with his eyes closed when he does so.)
    -Make himself light as a feather, regardless of size
    -Summon his mount/pet sparrow, Kitcho
    He also has a pouch full of Kinstones, Special good luck charms in the shape of broken coins that when put together cause wonderful things to happen.
    Abilities: He possesses benign Good Luck magic. It has a wide range of effects, from finding a penny, being missed by an arrow, getting a second wind when your tired, discovering a house for sale in your price range, running into a cute girl when you're late for school, to much, much more.
    He can use these magics normally but also infuses them into his Kinstones and gives them to people to foster friendships.
    Backstory: Maybe later, if ever...
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