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    Default Re: [FiM] My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic RP Recruitment Thread

    This isn't the character I expected to finish first, but I somehow did. If you have any objections, please let me know.


    Name: Sweetheart.

    Appearance: A graceful earth pony mare with a light red coat, a long red mane and tail, sky-blue eyes and a heart cutie mark.

    Skills: Her main skill is handling emotions. Her emotions are almost completely under control, and they have a partial effect on others around her as well.

    In addition to her special talent, she has acquired some secondary skills in domestic work such as cooking and cleaning. Since she despises her main talent, she uses her other skills more.

    Biography: Sweetheart was born in a town called Dunsdale. During her foalhood, when she discovered her talent, her family and friends were proud of her, expecting her to use it to spread happiness wherever she went.

    As she grew up, though, she realized other implications of this power - she was stealing other ponies' free will. Not wanting to upset or harm others by using her talent on them, Sweetheart immediately decided to stop showing any emotion and seek out low-profile work where she wouldn't have as much risk of affecting ponies.

    She eventually found work as a maidservant, and for the first few months, all seemed to be well. Then her mistress started to take advantage of her lack of emotion by assigning her more and harder tasks, expecting her not to care about being overworked. Sweetheart was forced to choose between letting herself be exploited or using her despicable power.

    Finally, it got to the point where she couldn't take it any more and became angry at her mistress. However, this made her mistress angry with her as well, especially when she realized that her thoughts were being controlled by the pony who was supposed to be her servant. Thus, Sweetheart lost her job, and was left to wander the land looking for new work.

    She found her way to Bridle Shores, and quickly found employment at the Civic Centre. For most of her stay, she hid in plain sight, working so quietly that other ponies didn't even notice her presence. However, when Simmer came, she stepped out to deal with it.

    Although she arrived too late to help fight Simmer, she did play a crucial part in putting an end to the evil in him. Once everyone else was clear of her range, she opened her heart just once, breaking through the shell of hatred and unleashing Garion. She then returned to her work, doing her best to lie low after attracting so much attention.

    Personality: Sweetheart is, deep down, a well-meaning and caring pony. Her primary concern is the welfare of others. However, she usually keeps her emotions hidden, and thus seems cold and uncaring. She does this out of concern for others, not wanting to take away their freedom of thought.

    Relationships: None yet, but she may get some soon.
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