Abigail Hayashi

Gender: Female
Race/Species: Human (Magitech Cyborg)
Age: 16 (Birthday: 2/11)
Alignment: "I'm not a Dungeons and Dragons character, and my personality can't be narrowed down into two words."
Class/Profession: Mage (Magic Style: Belkan Knight, but has some elements of Mid-style magic. It's... complicated.)
Description: Abigail is older than she was last time she was in the Nexus, and she's a sixteen-year old girl with brown hair, blue eyes, and light skin. While fairly attractive, it's in no way supernatural beauty.
Best picture I could get in Tektek of her when Stulpe is set up.

And her in normal clothing:

Equipment: Stulpe, her Device. Covered in the 'abilities' section.
Abilities: First off, Abigail has received numerous physical augmentations running off magitech, which have the end result of enhancing her strength, stamina, her vision, and to a lesser extent, speed, as well as her bones being extremely hard to break. I'm not giving numbers, but she is fully capable of punching through a stone wall without any magical assistance whatsoever. Unlike the last time she was in the Nexus, these enhancements are no longer vulnerable to an electrical shock or EMP, and several rather clever tricks are employed to make them continue functioning in almost any kind of anti-magic field. This is necessary, since some of them, if deactivated, could kill her.
The other facet of her abilities is that she is a mage, channelling her magic through an 'Intelligent Device', Stulpe, which is a magitech artifact with a limited AI, linked to her. In normal form, Stulpe is a green gem, which she wears on a necklace. When 'set up', however, Stulpe transforms into a pair of gauntlets. She can also summon armor, which takes the form shown in the top picture in the Appearance section, or at least as close as I can get in Tektek. More importantly, however, it enhances her spells in this form. While just the possession of a Device allows a certain amount of enhancement to spells, Stulpe possesses a 'cartridge system'- basically, Abigail pre-charges cartridges with magical energy under high pressure, which can be used at any time for a quick burst of energy which can augment the power of her spells.
While this is not a fixed list, below are the common spells Abigail uses.
(HG Note: I used Google Translate for the German, so sorry if translations are completely wrong. Yes, some spells have German names and some have English, there's an IC reason, but this section is already too bloody long).
Panzergeist: (Tank Spirit) Abigail's basic defensive spell, this enhances the power of her armor. This isn't a very powerful defense, since Abigail mostly relies on attacking.
Eisenfaust: (Iron Fist) This spell enhances Abigail's close-combat attacks, allowing her to cause more damage to energy shields and the like, breaking through anything that isn't specifically reinforced. Abigail's augmented strength handles physical defences- however, this spell moves to enhancing the physical force of the attack if she boosts it with cartridges. This isn't done often, though, as doing so can potentially damage her own muscles and bones.
{A note: in the Nanohaverse, energy attacks can be non-lethal however over-the-top they seem. I'll note whether an attack is non-lethal or lethal in my posts.}
Eisenshluss: (Iron Shot) Basic medium-range attack. Abigail summons and shoots a blue ball of energy at a high speed.
Divine Buster: Unashamedly and completely ripped off from Nanoha Takamachi's spell of the same name, this is a long-range bombardment attack. Not normally used by Abigail- she's more of a close-range fighter- this is the spell equivalent of the BFG. It may take time to charge up, and always requires at least one cartridge, but it's a pretty powerful spell.

Backstory: TCL. Late right now, and I is tired.