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    Default Re: [PH] Ponyhammer: The Incipio Campaign - OOC

    More than anything else now, I need maps and stuff so that I can properly orientate myself.

    Might try my hand at drawing today or tomorrow.

    I need names! Lots of names. Names of rivers. Towns. Hamlets. Mountains. Hills. Forests. Tundras. Desert. Oceans.

    We already have:
    Moon Dancer, the capital.
    Greenrock Mountains, the west edge of the continent.
    Asharis, island city.
    Morian coast, apparently somewhere to the South.

    Eustian, the main continent.
    Vilaris, another smaller city of the main continent. I vote this to be the nearest city next to the Greenrock Mountains.
    Deepfang Woods, huge borean forest near to the frozen North.
    Deepfang River, a large river running through the forest and eventually out to the coast.
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