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Brimstones Folly: The sight where a great beast was felled, Brimstones folly was the sight of the death of a very old and very powerful creature associated with flame. Descriptions of it vary, it has been said to have been anything from a chaos dragon to a great buffalo Deamon prince. Neverless, this wide expance of obsidion that it left in its wake is said to be cursed by locals and off worlders alike due too the colony of rock wolves that has somehow made its way to the planet and is tapping the obsidion as a food supply. Naturaly, the few miners are P.Oed at this.

Fallenstars Camp: The home base for a very well known merc group, this mostly anti-pony has members ranging from the unusual, such as diamond dogs, goats (Demiurge), and griffons, to the exotic, such as Buffalo.
It is one such Buffalo who founded this near-fortress city in order to create his dream of a pony-free land, after which the "camp" is named after. The only reason why the fort has not been wiped off the face of the planet is because A. They tend to actualy keep the peace among the xenos and abpony groups (who they do not see as ponies), and B. They are a group of some of the most feared bandits in the galaxy, and are very well armed, with members often bringing there own xenos tec from there home planets.

Hoofingburg: a small but growing city close to the greenrocks. Has a few Dou informents about the supplys of strange grey ore that is being studied there.

Ibexingisigi: a outpost for a group of xenos with a interest in the dense woodland. They have no interest in the ponys (and vice versa), but contact with Fallenstars group might convince them otherwise.

Deepfang caverns: a cave system that has remained strangly barren of life for most of its history. Recent findings show that a race of giant spiders haunted these caverns, but that they all died out after the first true settlements where built. However, reports of massive webs covering vast parts of the canopy may show that there may be a few left, after all.

Would you like a list of Deamons in the fluff section, by chance?
Nice. Keep 'em coming.

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So I'm gonna have some parasprites pop out of a forest soon... anyone want to be the ones attacked? I don't mind if they win or not, but I need to encounter somepony so I can use something besides parasprites.

Also, I forgot genestealer cults!
Genstealer cults are a thing.
You can attack the aforementioned Lt. Bluehoof's (Second) platoon. Would be great to test how the game would flow. Do you need an introductory post first?