There is nothing in my statement that implied that trying to kill Roy wasn't an Evil act. Being legal does not makes something not Evil. True Neutral characters can (and often do) commit Evil acts from time to time.

I included the information simply to show that the bounty hunters were not operating wholly outside the ethical framework of the Empire of Blood. While it does not change the nature of their acts, there is a certain degree of "when in Rome" going on with their actions there. Would they have attacked Roy if it weren't legal to do so? Probably not. Therefore, it is not as indicative of their overall alignment as one might initially think. Because the comic contains so few scenes of a person's life, there is a heavy "selection bias" when trying to guess their alignments. My intent when writing them was to shoot for True Neutral, however.

That being said, starting a new thread on a topic that has been specifically locked is against the forum rules. Let's not see any more threads created to discuss this, OK?