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Thanks for the input guys. I expanded some of them to make them less vague. Let me know if this is better. As for saving a page-load, I'd rather encourage folks to follow / use the links when they quote Rich, both for accuracy and so they can provide direct links to what he says rather than just paraphrasing it.
Well, Iím not talking about people saving page loads when they are trying to support themselves in discussion. More or less for when they just personally are trying to remember the gist of some point Rich made and an up-to-date, trustworthy secondhand source will do for them. If they should require the words out of the Giantís mouth, that is what the hyperlink is for.

And as long as that hyperlink is there, that does make this index a fair bit more trustworthy than the post that says, ďIím pretty certain the Giant said V is Lawful Neutral, but Iíll have to look it up,Ē without any follow-up post.