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Thread: 3.5 PrC: The French Mime P.E.A.C.H.

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    biggrin Re: 3.5 PrC: The French Mime P.E.A.C.H.

    All changes made. Please recritique.

    Thanks for all the feedback.

    Quote Originally Posted by zagan View Post
    And perhaps add bluff to their list it make sense.
    How can they bluff without talking?
    Balance wise it's really powerful. I would recommand removing a few level of spellcasting progression (like 1st, 6th and 12th ?)
    It will depend on the detail you add but at the moment I can, as soon as 3rd level, create an entiere army of animal to fight by my side. When you get mime curse you can create an army of slave. You can create magic item so it's easy to create powerful item.
    It need limitation to be in any way viable.
    I've added a lot of limitations now, is it balanced okay?

    Quote Originally Posted by Phasefire View Post
    Very good,
    great job on the prestige class.
    I originally thought of the mime as similar to a Wraith or undead but you've definitely shown the origins of the creature.
    I originally thought of them like a wraith, but that wouldn't work so well as a prestige class as I wanted good aligned Mimes as well as evil ones.

    It makes sense to build it like a bard, as bards are the one who created or became them in the Clown wars.
    I suppose so, but Mimes are more dextrous than Bards. They are centred equally around DEX and CHA rather than almost entirely on CHA.

    I like the idea of a foe being able to dominate a mime and forcing him to speak therefore removing his powers.

    Still great job, Joanna has sent you some links to some photos we uploaded with a creative commons license so you can use em.
    Thanks a lot!

    I've tryed to stay as close to your original Mime as I can and not leave any details out, is there anything about Mimes I have missed?

    As far as I know, the only think I've changed is making Mimes creatures of chaos rather than darkness so that good aligned players can still use them. Evil PrCs never really get as much use out of them.

    I really do love the Standard Action series, and I wish I could donate, but my parents say it isn't worth the money and I'm not old enough to do things like that without their permission. *sigh*
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