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Actually he said that servants of death gods are the only ones he is aware of that restrict/discourage raising of the dead. That doesn't necessariy mean that all of them do so.
The exact words are :
Evil characters are neither prohibited nor even discouraged from raising the dead in the OOTS universeónor in any other D&D world of which I'm aware, unless they specifically serve a god of Death.

The important words :
Evil characters are [not] prohibited from raising the dead unless they specifically serve a god of Death.

It seems like he's saying that servants of a god of Death ARE prohibited from raising dead.

It's possible I misunderstood.

ETA: As an alternative, we could include the link to show why Redcloak didn't try to save
Right Eye's family.
As that is most assuredly a clear cut answer.
Already there. But I thought it answered a certain FAQ too.