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    Default Re: [PH] Ponyhammer: The Incipio Campaign - OOC

    And your dark lords have landed.

    Note: Mooses are a Mandrake stand-ins.

    As for what Nurquist is,exactly, I would put him best as a uniqe entity leading a squad of lesser petryons.

    This buggers horns are not only sharpened to a point resembling razor-wire, and they are tipped with poison to boot! No heavy gear on him, however, and he is wearing a exta-large suit no different from the rest of his squads. Guys huge, tho. A good blast could take him down, but good luck aiming!

    Hey, if Lix has the chance to field a ParaHydra (with critterblood!), I should be able to use a few toys of my own, hmm?

    Nice. Keep 'em coming.
    Oh, I have a few in my head, and they will be up by tomorow. Hint: If the tree bleeds when you cut it, dont go and eat the fruit.
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