Nellens Latas

Aliases: Soldier Girl
Species: Human
Profession: Remnant Soldier
Power Rating: B+

Description: Latas is taller and more muscled than the average person, giving her a build that is only shy of imposing. Her long brown hair is braided and adorned with beads, though she takes care to have it coiled out of the way in emergency situations. She carries herself with discipline and confidence that marks her as a soldier.

Personality: Soldier Girl is disciplined and largely takes action in a detached, rational manner. However, she tempers her logic with spiritual devotion to a philosophy of enlightenment and self perfection. What emotion she shows is usually subtle, often a thin layer cleverly hidden beneath her dutiful exterior. She is more relaxed in a non-military or non-formal setting though.

Equipment: Generally, the only equipment Soldier Girl carries is a small medical kit, a knife, and one or two guns.

Abilities: A highly competent soldier, Nellens Latas is deadly with ranged weaponry, skilled and supernaturally accurate with bows, crossbows, and firearms. Her defensive skills are also top notch, and she is proficient at hand to hand combat. Her power as a dragon-blooded also allow her to enhance her combative skills in unusual ways that typically come in flashes of inspiration or instinct, and are tied to the elements of life and growth.
Initiated into the art of sorcery, Latas is capable of casting three specific spells- one to summon a phantom steed, another to heighten awareness, and a third to shatter magic.
Latas is also a skilled medic, using strange natural and supernatural remedies that are nonetheless quite potent, if not as sudden as much of the healing magic that can be found in Nexus.

Backstory: The full extent of Latas's background is unknown, but it is known that she is from the world known as Creation, and is a dragon-blooded scion of House Nellens (hence her family name).