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    Quote Originally Posted by The Giant View Post
    This thread is almost certainly going to expose the massive degree to which I wing everything I say.

    At any rate, I'd like to request a tone-down on the use of religious metaphors for an author. I think it would be especially crass for me to disallow religious discussion on this board and then condone a thread whose title refers to me as a god. Phantasm, could you possibly change "Word of God" to something less potentially objectionable?
    Sure thing. I am actually very religious so the metaphor "Word of God" in this context has always made me a bit uneasy, but I went with it because I figured it was just slang for "Word from the Author / Creator of this Fantasy World" kinda like how "canon" (a traditionally religious term) is used for "official story content". Anywho, I was thinking of it metaphorically in that way not sacrilegiously - hope none of my fellow religious forumgoers were offended.
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