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    Alias: N/A

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Pixie

    Age: 18

    Profession: N/A

    Description: Tinseltwig is a pixie, so she is rather tiny. About five or six inches tall, whatever height matches the average pixie size in the Nexus really. Proportionally, she is much more slender than a human. Her waist is tiny, as is the rest of her. Her fingers are slightly long and very nimble. Her eyes are a bit on the large side. She has a pair of white butterfly wings and a set of antennas stick out from just below her hairline. Her hair is wavy, shoulder length, and pure white. Her eyes are a light grey in colour. She usually glows with a faint light, though she can stop at will. Her clothing usually consists of either a top and skirt or a very fancy dresses. No matter what she's wearing her top needs to be backless to accommodate for her wings. It would be rare to find her without her engagement ring, which she wears around her waist like a belt.

    Personality: Tinseltwig has an exuberant personality to say the least. She's excitable and full of life. She shares a couple common traits among pixies: An unrelenting curiosity and a mischievous streak. Perhaps most notable is her utter devotion to the object of her affections.

    • Her engagement ring given to her by Admer. She wears it around her waist like a belt.



    Abilities: She has an unlimited supply of pixie dust. It's a strange sort of magic with a host of different useful and strange applications.

    Backstory: Much of Tinseltwig's memories are foggy, but she does recall living in a forested area. She can't remember any parents, but she does have a number of brothers and sisters. Most details are lost, however.

    This is because of a curse that was put on her. It's not known why, but she was trapped within a bottle and is magically compelled to love the person who releases her. Putting her back in a bottle acts as a sort of reset for the curse.

    Miscellaneous: N/A
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