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    Dena Xifhara

    Alias: N/A

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Drow

    Age: 82

    Power rating: C-

    Description: Dena is a drow who appears to be mid-twenty something (she’s actually over 80). Unlike your traditional drow, however, her skin is a more brown tone and her hair being a darker tone of white. What might be more obvious however is that she’s 6’2 feet (or 184 centimeters), which actually all are standard traits of drow from her world.

    Much like other types of elves, she has pointy ears and a very lean athletic build with a fairish chest, but more generous hips and hindquarters. Her hair is usually set up in a bun, similar to this one, and otherwise just worn straight, going down to her mid-back. Her features are rather pointed, a pointy nose, elbows, and cheekbones. She has green almond eyes and small dark lips, a shade darker than her skin. Her eyebrows are thin gradual and the same color as her hair.

    Dena is from a desert world so she usually wears protective desert in the form of light, white, airy robes. She often wears practical clothing that fits the climate, warm clothes in the winter and light clothes in the summer.

    But she actually has a taste for expensive clothing, especially green and red that goes with her skin and eyes. She also has a taste for accessories such as hair pins, hair bands, braces, earrings etc.

    Pictures of Dena by various artists:

    -By GulaGhar

    -By beiibis on deviant art.

    -By Gulaghar

    Personality: Dena likes making bets and taking risks, as long as she is in no life threatening danger. Relatively young for an elf (technically just a teenager by drow standards), she never really seem to learn from her mistakes and have mostly been kept alive by her amazing luck and skill in combat.

    While usually easy going and joking, she have a sadistic streak towards slavers due having spend quite some time as an slave.

    Equipment: Dena's most precious piece of equipment is a cloak of holding she stole from a powerful wizard during the rebellion of Tyr. Within it she stocks at least two magic short swords and countless other mundane and magical items she gathered during her time as an adventurer.

    Abilities: Dena is a trained sword dancer, taught to dual-wield swords since she could hold them. This is strictly a exotic dueling technique and more for entertainment than any actual practical purpose. Dueling was more about entertainment as it was always done in front of large crowds like any sport.

    Dena has also been an adventure however so she has adapted her technique to be a little more practical even if she prefers to avoid combat all together by simply sneaking past her foes. Her experience with magic but complete lack of it has made her making sure she has a large stock of magical items she at least can use to counter other magic.

    The drow also has an latent psionic gift she never really tapped into, at least not consciously.

    Backstory: Dena grew up under the rule of her mother, who put her under strict training as a blade dancer. Eventually being tired of being controlled, she escaped out into the outside world of Athas, where hid upon a silt ship going to Tyr. Once there she made a living as a merchant, selling things she stolen from her mother, trading them for other things.
    Eventually however she made a bad bet and ended up as a slave to a powerful mage.
    She spend more than five years as a slave until the rebellion broke out in Tyr.
    Once free, Dena spend time as an adventurer and merchant, selling the things she found during her adventurers.
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