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    Alias: Now known as Annabelle. Original name unknown.
    Gender: Female.
    Race/Species: Ghoul.
    Age: Unknown, though her few memories of her life before being a ghoul would indicate that she is at least a couple hundred years old.
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Profession: GLoG Member
    Power Rating: Between D and C

    Some light, cartoony blood ahead.

    Personality: Usually polite and cheerful, this ghoul seems to defy what is normally assumed about ghouls. She's generally helpful, and likes to do good as best she can.
    Abilities: As one of the undead, she can survive dismemberment and still be able to move her individual limbs when chopped off. She is also able to put herself back together or have someone else put her back together again. Her only combat ability is her ghoul touch - if she purposefully intends to, she can grab any bare skin with her hand and use negative energy to attempt to paralyze the target in place for up to a minute, but no more. This ability does not work on elves, for some strange reason.

    Mintbalm has given her the ability to comprehend all written languages!
    Backstory: She rose from the floorboards beneath Trog's, apparently trapped in a coffin underneath for many years lying dormant until she attempted to escape. She is completely unaware of the specifics of her previous life, remembering nothing but small flashes of events, faces, and people.
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