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    Quote Originally Posted by monkeyboyinc View Post
    Since all my art is borderline plagiarism, I probably won't be posting any here too often. But I look forward to seeing what everyone else has to offer.
    Don't worry about it! You can see everything I drew above was cribbed directly from MLP:FiM. As long as you're presenting the work you personally drew, even if it's of someone else's character/landscape/work, and you acknowledge that and use it as a way to learn, you should be protected under fair-use laws.

    Also, you can't plagiarize stick figures! Start with some of those!

    @V: Excellent! Go for it! Regarding the scanner, if you have a digital camera, or a friend with one, you can try using that to upload your art.
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    Ponythread Learns to Draw!

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