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Thread: Ponythread Learns to Draw! Together!

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    Alrighty then, I got no response whatsoever when I posted in the ponythread itself, maybe I'll get a little more feedback here.

    @DD: You're first few attempts are looking good! May I ask, though, if you are using guidelines/stick figures to draw? It really helps, especially when positioning the eyes, which you mentioned having trouble with. You'll notice below, of course, that I didn't follow my own advice too well, hence why I'm mentioning it now.

    Anywho, here's a sketch I did for a halloween costume contest thingy. Twilight, Derpy and Carrot Top as the Spanish Equestrian Inquisition from Monty Python:


    And the inked/coloured version:

    My thoughts on these: First up, I had to make quite a few edits when inking. Twilight's face was completely messed up, mostly because the far side of her face was sticking out too much. Derpy's eyes were too big and I forgot her ears too. I also had to redo Carrot Top's headgear (It was just a hat at first, but on rewatching the sketch, it should've been a hood). CT's muzzle also looks a little off to me.

    My biggest mistake though? Being lazy with the legs. I didn't do a full stick figure pose underneath (just did it roughly) and I paid for it with misproportioned, mispositioned limbs (especially on Twilight. Look at those back legs. Ugh).

    Still I'm happy with it.

    My advice to anyone who wants to draw ponies? References. Everywhere. All the time.
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