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    Quote Originally Posted by Zolkabro View Post
    What that post has told me is that I need to put things clearer.

    If he offers somebody spell components are enough. money, and mimes this money, then the money for all intents and purposes becomes real. If he casts a spell and mimes the spell components, then he can still cast the spell, as mimed components are enough.
    Basically, you force the mime into committing evil acts (stealing). Furthermore, as soon as the mime pays for a drink and walks back to the table he is no longer giving any intent as to the gp so it disappears. This will be bad for the PC and probably the whole party. Intent means really that he needs to think about it and I wouldn't want to be the DM who starts making the mime make Concentration checks all the time. It would not be fun.

    Miming is almost like hypnosis in a way, the people looking will believe he has the actual object." Do you think I should make the object he is miming appear as a ghostly version of the object?
    Again, this can be construed as an evil act. Fooling people to save lives isn't bad but fooling them for routine things is. Plus, you'll have whole towns putting up "mimes not welcome" signs as they've all been fleeced in one way or another. I see a town full of mimes in stocks in the future. Ghostly items don't work for the same reason.

    And about the +2 flaming sword, do you think I should enable miming magic weapons at a higher level?
    Allowing them to mime magic items is a horrifically bad idea. The mime will always have the perfect weapon at hand. That's not fair to combat characters. Do you really want a mime with a +5 bane, flaming, ghost touch, keen, vorpal sword? Because if he can, he will.

    Here's the thing: If the mime mimes something it should be real and stay real but it should be limited by gp value (see below for details on this) Miming money is still weird because how do you mime the difference between a copper piece and a gold piece? I guess you could play out biting it for gold, but this will just give everyone a headache after a while.

    Here is what I recommend for the mime. Give the mime simple weapon proficiency but no armor and no shields. A mime is considered to be proficient in any mimed weapon.

    Limit the mime's ability to mime items by gp value. A mime can mimic up to 10 gp value per day per level of mime. So if he pays with mimicked gold, the gold is for all purposes real. He'll never be broke but he can't get rich quick this way either.

    As for not having belongings, that's too harsh as the class already has a mute clause. I'd get rid of it altogether. Let the mime have a normal amount of stuff like the rest of the party and rely on his mime ability when he doesn't.

    [Edit] Remove the props clause from the oath of mining or every mime who has mime curse will auto fail.

    Just to make things easier: put some space between paragraphs and separate mime curse and mime slave into two words.

    Here is how I think Oath of Miming should look

    Oath of Miming: In the initiation ceremony to become a French Mime, a Mime takes an Oath of Miming. He can never talk again, including laughing, crying, yelling in pain, or anything like that. All these things must be mimed silently. If he ever speaks, then he has broken his Oath, and he becomes a Fallen Mime, commonly known as a Circus Freak. Circus Freaks have a -2 on all rolls, and he loses all spell resistance and damage reduction.

    A Circus Freak can only become a French Mime once he has repented of this sin. This process, called Mime Redemption. In order to undergo redemption, the Circus Freak needs to seek out a Master Mime, one of the strongest Mimes, and retrain with them. This process takes one week.

    Once a Mime makes his Oath, he or she acquires the Painted Face. This is special black and white face paint, unique to Mimes. It cannot be removed by any means other than death. Even if you lose your Mime-hood, and become a Circus Freak, you still keep the Painted Face as a mark of shame.
    In addition to the black and white Painted Face, Mimes must only wear the colors black and white. A Mime who disguises his painted face takes a 2 penalty to his Perform skill. A mime who wears non-approved colors takes a -2 penalty to his Sleight of Hand skill.

    [edit] Disguise should NOT be on the mime's skills. They have to wear their face paint. In fact, Intimidate shouldn't be there either.

    This should be the skill list: Balance, Climb, Concentration, Escape Artist, Jump, Move Silently, Open Lock, Perform (Act), Sleight of Hand, Tumble, and Use Rope.

    [Edit] change this:
    The moment a Mime no longer gives any indication that something he has mimed is there, then it disappears. But if he still acts as if it is there, then it stays. For instance, if he were to drop something, and then do nothing to show that it is on the floor, like carefully stepping over it, or kicking it, etc, then it will disappear. But if he mimed a barrier and made a low ceiling above his head, and even though he would not be touching it, he would be bent over and this would show that it is there.
    to this:

    By making a successful Concentration check (DC 15), the mime can bend reality to create "real" mimed objects. Once per day, a mime can create 10 gp worth of items per level of Mime. The items are non-magical in nature and possess no special abilities.

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