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Thanks :) The lack of hands (and feet) is intentional, I wanted a simple, cartoonish style.

Your portrait makes me think you could make a bit of a villain Maybe that's the glasses and... hood?
Yay for simple cartoon style! =D

As to being called a villain... Muwahahaha.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!
I would so be willing to be a villain in a show... especially since that means I could be on T.V! =)

wait... no hands and feet...

And Lauren Faust was involved with it...

Coincidence? No, Fate has brought you here.

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Hmm... This looks like an awesome idea. Not that I'd ever actually join in; every time I've ever attempted artwork, it has always ended in fire and tree sap. To be honest, I'm already intimidated by the quality of the work posted so far.
Intimidated? 0-0 come now; I'm sure anything you can make will be just as good.